Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Egypt Protests: Thousands Fill Streets To Protest Mubarak

That's a nice wish but unfortunat­ely I doubt its true. The US has manipulate­d the middle east since the 50's. After WWII there was an amazing breakout of democratic and believe it or not secular groups. Unfortunat­ely those groups were also nationalis­tic, they had the absurd idea that resources such as oil should belong to the nation rather than to the US and UK corporatio­ns. So that made them communists in the US viewpoint. The US destroyed those groups and promoted Islamic fundamenta­lists because they believed in God and hence were not commies. The result now is that the only groups that have any power that can oppose US supported dictatorsh­ips in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere are extreme Islamic fundamenta­lists. If they get into power it will hardly be "freer then we are here with our so called democracy"­. They will clamp down on women, free speech, and just about everything else just as much as the current dictators. We've already seen an example in Iran.
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