Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saudi Arabia's Appropriate Response to Iran's Assassination Plot

I don't see a world ban on Iran's oil ever happening. The demand for oil is too great.

Regarding the threat of war: Even if it is proven that this plot had approval at the highest level of Iran's government (something I'm not convinced of yet) I don't see war as an appropriat­e response. The idea that you should punish thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of innocent Iranians for the idiocy of a government that they voted out anyway but that retained power against the will of its people is absurd.

Besides there is plenty of precedent for turning a blind eye to government involvemen­t in conspiraci­es. I just finished the book the Eleventh Day by Anthony Summers. He provides indisputab­le evidence that some people in the Saudi government helped make 9/11 happen and that the Bush administra­tion knew about that and covered it up.

Finally, I don't agree that other sanctions won't work. They take longer and don't provide the wargasm that so many chickenhaw­ks in the US media demand but can eventually be very effective.
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