Saturday, November 20, 2010

Airports, Security, Titanium and Lingerie

I thought this was an excellent article on a subject that is getting blown out of proportion. I'm a big civil rights fan and I hate a lot of what was done and still lingers on from the Bush administration. Spying on emails without a warrant, detaining people without habeus corpus, torture, those are things that make my blood boil. But while the extra airport stuff annoys me (for some reason the shoes are the thing that really gets to me) I think its fairly minor.

And I also don't mind the full body scans. To me its the kind of thing we need a smart technical solution to speed up the process. I'm as they say a very sex positive hetero male. I like looking at women and at pictures of women but I can't see how anyone could get turned on by the grainy pictures those scanners produce. I think its really a sign of our puritanical culture that so many people are so hung up about people taking grainy pictures of them.
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