Monday, November 8, 2010

Cloud Computing Powers up Cyberwar Threat

"Employment of the beer can analogy was a deliberate simpling down to engage netizens who have little or no knowledge of subject matter."

OK, but that doesn't justify giving people an inaccurate picture of where the risks are in Cloud computing which I think it did a bit.

"Moore's Law will render the the cloud obsolete "

Why is that? I mean to some extent that's almost a tautology. Moore's law is what drives the rapid change in the IT world and just as other architectures (Mainframe, client-server, distributed components) that preceded the cloud were replaced by newer architectures so eventually will the cloud is that all you meant or are you implying that as Moore's law makes computers more powerful we will go away from servers completely? If its the latter I disagree.

"The main points of the article are that netizens while being data mined to the hilt for free disclosure info, they are chumps, [who] don't have role in a crafting the future of the information highway beyond heavily mediated social media conversations that are a cruise to nowhere. "

You have a high opinion of your readers. We are chumps eh? And as for "heavily mediated social media conversations that are a cruise to nowhere. " to be honest that's pretty much what I think this article was. A lot of buzzwords and names but little content and most of the actual content was mis-guided or just wrong.
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