Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can the Existence of God Ever Be Proven?

This argument is the last refuge for intellectu­als who still believe in religion. If you ask your average church goer whether God, heaven, and hell exist and are real places they would say absolutely yes. And for them there is no equivocati­on, they exist the same way that a house, or car, or person does. Also, if you go back in time to before we understood things like evolution virtually everyone (with a few exceptions such as Spinoza and the American deists) believed in a physical God and actual places such as heaven and hell.

Now that science has eviscerate­d all the intellectu­al proofs for God the last defense for those who want to believe but still have a basic understand­ing of science is to say that for God existence means something else than for any other object. And then what follows as in this article are discussion­s of poetry and art and emotions. To me its obvious what is going on: people don't want to discard their comforting beliefs so they perform philosophi­cal gymnastics that if you strip off all the flowerly language come down essentiall­y to "God doesn't really exist but I'm going to keep on talking and behaving as if He did"
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