Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And if Egypt (and Tunisia) Were to Intervene in Libya?

The problem with Monsieur Levi's proposal is the idea that one nation can invade another nation for altruistic reasons. In the history of the world I would say that has happened approximat­ely 0 times. At best the goals of one nation for going to war can coincide with the goals of other oppressed peoples.

The US going to war in WWII and in the process aiding the English, French, Phillipine­, and many other peoples is a good example. But if you believe that the US went to war in WWII to aid all those people I have a bridge I would like to sell you. We went to war to defend our dominance in Asia, to prevent Germany from dominating Europe, etc.

I am overjoyed that the people of Libya are rising up against their dictator. But the last thing we need is to give new life to the idea that other countries can invade each other to bring them democracy. The goal of anyone interested in morality and justice should be that no nation ever uses force against another except in legitimate self defense.
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