Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton: A Strange Journey

Well it sounded interestin­g until I read this:

"Since Hamilton was shot in a duel over honor, we asked ourselves where that happens today. So, we speak to some former gang members who have all be in gunfights. One has a "Death Before Dishonor" tattoo. They have a lot to say about the Hamilton-B­urr duel."

First of all I object to giving gang members, even former ones, a platform to promote their thuggish behavior as an example of anything having to do with honor. Second, to think that there is any similarity between that culture and the culture of Burr and Hamilton is just ridiculous­. I guess if you did a documentar­y on Beethoven you would interview 50 Cent or Britney to understand what its like to be a musical celebrity.

I actually am very interested in knowing more about the reasons behind that duel and the duel itself. Many American history books say that Hamilton didn't try to hit Burr and paint Burr as evil but I'm not so sure. Gore Vidal also had an interestin­g theory about the insult and if he is right I could see why Burr would do what he did. Anyway, we aren't going to learn anything about this from interviewi­ng a gang banger. Another example of dumbing down American.
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