Sunday, March 6, 2011

And if Egypt (and Tunisia) Were to Intervene in Libya?

"That FDR and his people were actively planning contingien­­cie is responsibl­­e leadership­­. "

I agree. I'm not saying the US is evil. Up until the end of WWII in fact we were one of the most moral countries, perhaps the most moral in the history of the world. In fact I think one of the biggest tragedies of WWII was that in order to defeat fascists we had to enable some of the very military/i­ndustrial forces of fascism. Forces that are still alive and thriving in Bush, Cheney, Rumsflield­, Beck, Gingrich, etc.

For the 3rd time, my original point was not to criticize the US but rather to point out that even in one of the most clear cut cases of a justified moral war -- our war against fascism that attacked us in WWII -- even in that case we went to war out of self interest. Again, I say, that is just what nations do. They don't go to war to bring democracy to their neighbors as Mssr, Levi seems to think. Although, as evidenced by Bush, they DO use "bringing democracy" as an excuse for imperialis­m and aggression­.
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