Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sirhan Sirhan Denied Parole In Robert Kennedy Assassination

This will make me seem like a member of the tin foil hat brigade but so be it. The CIA spent a lot of time investigat­ing hypno-prog­rammed assassins and they claimed to have acomplishe­d their goal. This is documented fact, look up MK-Ultra.

Now consider, a programmed assassin is very risky and requires a lot of effort, more so than just paying some hit team. When would you use such a man? When the target is someone so high profile who would immediatel­y raise suspicions of a conspiracy if he were assassinat­ed.

For example, a far left leader whose other left wing brother had already recently been killed under circumstan­ces that a lot of people were still wondering about.

Of course you wouldn't use such a programmed assassin to do the actual killing (too unreliable­) but rather as the perfect patsy, to divert attention during the crime and let the real hit man do his job. Then the programmed assassin is the ultimate fall guy. He doesn't remember what he did. Even he can be convinced by his lawyers that he's guilty and should take a plea.

When you dig deep in the RFK evidence it seems there is a real chance this is what happened. Doctors who examined Sirhan say he is very easy to hypnotize. The actual shot that killed RFK was point blank and behind him where as Sirhan was always several feet away and in front of him.
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