Monday, October 18, 2010

'Evangelical Atheists:' Pushing For What?

I agree with that. If you look through my comment history for the past few days you'll see I spent several comments arguing against fellow atheists who claim that there is no good at all from religion. Things like the social justice movements, the support provided to people in substance abuse programs, the inspiration for art and music are all examples where religion has I think obviously played a positive role and I find it depressing when atheists act like fundamentalists and say simplistic things such as that religion is just "fairy tales".

IMO the question of whether an atheist or religious culture would be better is impossible to answer. And frankly its not important to me. I have a more important over riding value and that is finding the truth. I believe that ultimately the closer humans come to a correct understanding of the universe the better their lives will be. Its possible that in the short term that may involve some pain as people wean themselves from false beliefs that provide comfort.
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