Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Good Is God?

I think the bickering between atheists and religious people about the amount of good/bad done by religions is rather pointless. Most atheists admit that religion does some good and no rational person can deny that evil has certainly been done in the name of religion.

The real question that matters, and I would think this should be rather obvious but apparently it isn't, is what is the truth? If there IS a God as described by Christianity and if there are such places as heaven and hell then by all means it makes sense to worship that God.

But if there isn't (and I think Dawkins makes the case amazingly well that there isn't in the God Delusion) then even if we might get some short term comfort from believing in myths it seems to me the history of human progress has been to search for the truth. If we care so much about the truth when it comes to the natural world, why would we suddenly resort to myths about the nature of Good and Evil and the Afterlife? Its just intellectual laziness, believing things because we were brought up that way and because we feel that the alternative may be uncomfortable to confront.

That is my faith that ultimately searching for the truth is the right thing to do even if it may be uncomfortable.
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