Monday, October 18, 2010

Pope Says Suffering is Good for You

"Obviously, you're not an atheist and know very little, if anything about it. "

Actually, I am an atheist as you could clearly see by looking at other comments I've made recently:

I was raised a catholic but around the age of 12 I realized that religion was a lie and became an atheist and I've been one ever since and I know quite a bit about it.

"What crimes were done in the NAME of atheism? "

Well I agree with you, really no crimes were done in the name of Atheism. However, religious people can point to Stalin for example, who was an atheist and who did abolish religion through force and can say his crimes (which there were a lot of) were committed in the name of atheism. Alternatively they would say that things like the Inquisition and 9/11 were not done in the name of religion but by people who distorted the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed.

For me atheism means, to simplify a bit, the values of the enlightenment: reason over force and not villifying someone because they disagree with you. That's what I try to do is have reasonable debates with all people and that's why I think people who simply spew venom against religion aren't much better than dogmatic fundamentalists for religion.
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