Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Celebration of the Birth of the Bab: Dawn of the Age of the Maturity of Humanity

This is a reply to your comments below. First I admit I don't know much about Bahai but what little I know is positive. It seems to be more open minded then most religions.

But ultimately my faith is in the truth. And my analysis of history says that Truth doesn't come from holy books or designating some individual as the Mesiah or the Bab. Its cool you work for peace and justice and encourage science and art and in all those things I would gladly work with you.

But ultimately I still think you are wrong. Truth isn't in holy books its in reason. And reason isn't easy. It doesn't come from just wishing it so. The only reliable technique we humans have found to get beyond all our prejudice and bias and preconceived ideas so far is science not religion, even a benign religion such as Bahai.
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