Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pope Says Suffering is Good for You

Many of my atheist friends point out all the countess examples of suffering caused by religion: e.g., the inquisition, ... But I think its pointless to point to what evil people do in the name of a any belief system and use that evil to slander the belief system. I feel the same way about the wrongs done in the name of atheism. I think there are far fewer crimes done by atheists but my point is it doesn't matter either way, Bad people can distort any ideology and use it to justify their crimes.

Going forward we have to ask ourselves which has more promise to help us understand human nature and resolve problems of evil? Religion or science? Religion never seems to make progress toward understanding anything. Its all based on how people interpret ancient books written thousands of years go. I don't see the logic in expecting these books to provide us with any insights we don't already have. Science on the other hand has made amazing strides in understanding the world. From the way intelligent life evolved to the very first microseconds of the universe. Its interesting to me that problems of good and evil have so far been hard for science to comprehend. However, lately with advances in biology and psychology we are making progress. That is why people such as Sam Harris believe that science may eventually give us a good understanding even on issues such as good and evil.
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