Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rand Paul's 'NoZe Brotherhood' Secret Society Blasted Christianity: Report

"Both are hedonistic, don't you think?"

Not really. The good that utilitarians usually define is not what most philosophers define as hedonism. Its defined as happiness in the broadest sense which includes basic rights such as free speech, basic human rights, etc.

"And neither is Christian"

As for what is or isn't Christian IMO that's really impossible to determine. There are countless different interpretations of Christianity from the essentially fascist mind set of The Family who view money and power as the ultimate indication of who is chosen by Jesus to the very liberal revolutionary interpretation of liberation theology. If you read the books by Jeff Sharlet (sp?) on The Family its really amazing. They openly praise people like Hitler and Stalin and want to immitate the tactics of fascists and communists.

And it doesn't even make sense to argue what Jesus "really thought" since even the writings of the gospels were by people who never knew him and were already adding their own interpretations and bias into the words they claimed were said by Jesus.
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