Monday, October 18, 2010

Sharia in America: How Religious Laws Change

The US has separation of church and state. I'm not aware of anyone who has succesfully used "honor killings" as a defense to a murder charge here. My position is simple: no religious justification can be an excuse for disobeying the law. That applies to Christianity, Islam, or anything else. If this case happened as described then I think the judge made a mistake. My guess would be that sexism was involved as well as many men (regardless of their religion) still believe that its impossible for a husband to rape his wife.

As for the Imam corrupting this guy's thoughts: there are a lot of backwards ideas preached by lots of religions. I'm an atheist and look forward to the day when humanity casts off religion completely. But in the mean time I recognize that the government has no business telling preachers or Imams what they can or can't say as long as long as they don't cross the line and actually advocate violence, for example the way many Christian anti-abortion ministers do.
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