Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sharia in America: How Religious Laws Change

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I'm not aware that this is such a major problem but if it is the correct answer is to change the laws in the US or other countries. The US has separation of church and state if we let people start to decide that certain laws are unfair and therefor they will use the Quran (or Bible or Torah) instead it not only violates our constitution it would result in chaos since the US has so many different religions. e.g., Eli wants a solution based on the Torah and Eddie wants one based on the New Testament.

The founders of this country realized how bad it was when governments mandate religion, that's why they wisely set things up the way they did.

"Quran based laws of inheritance is simply wonderful if you deeply make a comparative study without haste and prejudice "

If you look at my other comments I am strongly against any prejudice against Islam. However, as I look out at places such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan (under the Taliban) I don't see that societies based on the Quran are so great. They seem to me to be hostile to providing basic rights to women, gays, and anyone that doesn't conform to their preconceived notion of what is right. E.g., the Taliban destroyed an amazing sculpture of Budha carved into a cliff that had been there for centuries.
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