Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Creation Story: Beyond Religion and Science

I agree about the energy and matter. It is still essentially true that energy and matter can'tt be created or destroyed because they can be converted into each other and the net amount of energy/matter is constant (if you "destroy" matter you create energy and vice versa).

But the information part is just flat out wrong. I'm a bit over my head as well, I'm not an expert in the field but I know enough about Information Theory to shout BS at the idea that "information can not be destroyed". In fact the initial impetus for Information Theory in the first place I believe was to mathematically model the loss of information that occurs naturally in any message system.

And from the stand point of entropy my understanding is that Information can be equated to a decrease in entropy. I.e. , the more information the more order you have and the less entropy. Hence, the law that says the net entropy in a closed system is always increasing says that the net information in a closed system is always DECREASING. I may be saying some of this poorly, I'm just an amateur so if anyone wants to correct feel free but I really can think of no justification for the statement "information can't be destroyed" from a scientific standpoint. It just seems flat out wrong and I would be interested if anyone can provide an argument to say otherwise.
About Religion and Science
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