Friday, September 17, 2010

Are We 'Cramming Religion Down Our Children's Throats?' or Creating Good Citizens

Its easy to select an incendiary phrase here or there and make a big issue out of it. But please do you think atheists couldn't do the same thing in return? How many quotes could we easily grab from Dobsen, Gary Bauer, etc. that demonize secularists? I think the important point is to focus on the arguments not a few bits of incendiatry rhetoric. And in this case the real question is why do we take it for granted that parents have the right to instill their religious beliefs into their children? Religious people are always talking about how important it is to "teach the controversey" in terms of evolution vs. creationism but why don't they do the same with religion? Why not expose their children to all different religious beliefs (including atheism and agnostocism) and let them make up their own minds?
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