Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hell And God's Love: An Alternative, Orthodox View

I've never understood why mystics are somehow granted special knowledge when it comes to the spiritual. Because you don't have sex and fast and essentially don't do anything constructive in society that somehow gives you special spiritual knowledge? Why?

And when you say "The spiritual concept of Hades served the Greeks at that period in time. " to me that's a round about way of saying that "the Greeks believed in this thing that didn't exist because it helped make people moral and gave them a shared mythology that made their society more cohesive" Of course that last part -- as to why humans actually seem to need to believe in myths is still something we don't fully understand. Its an active topic in anthropology and other sciences.

But for me the important thing is I think we've come to a point in history where facing the world as it really is would be better than making up stories about. it. I agree I could be wrong. It could turn out that humans are just constructed so that to have order and people feeling they have meaning they have to make up stories like hades and hell. I guess you could say that is my leap of faith, to believe that ultimately looking for the actual truth, without made up stories will lead to a better world.
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