Sunday, September 19, 2010

Towards A Just Communications System: Pacifica Radio and the Never-Ending Battle

I used to consider myself a hard core progressive. The democrats and republicans were essentially the same. I voted for Nader rather than Gore because I was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Then I saw how much worse the other evil really was. Faith based initiatives, incompetence on a massive scale, endless and pointless wars, the end of basic human rights going back to the magna Charta.

I haven't changed my opinions. I agree with you Truman was wrong with the bomb and JFK was wrong in Vietnam. But I have grown to be disenchanted with most progressives. I've come to see that most of them are more concerned with "being right" then with making real change. They would rather win an argument than a vote.

For me KPFA and especially WBAI are excellent examples that demonstrate this. Endless bickering about who is more politically correct, diversity quotas, and threats to sue each other.

Pacifica may be at a crossroads but so is this country. We have some of the most extreme theocratic reactionaries in our history ready to take power and all progressives can do is whine that Obama never did things that he never promised he would do. He campaigned as a moderate democrat and that is what he's been. He's made amazing progress given the insane opposition he's faced and for all his flaws he'll get my complete support in November.
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