Monday, September 13, 2010

Tom Ross, Delaware GOP Chair, Threatened With 'Bullet In The Head'

I agree with the second part but I'm not so sure about the first part. You are assuming that the Koch's and the other funders will see reason and do the rational thing. I'm not so sure. I think people like the Kochs for all their disgusting greed, are also true believers. They really believe the nonsense they spew. Don't forget one of them went so far as to run for VP on a 3rd party ticket. That's the action of a true believer, not a machiavellian looking to manipulate people just to jack up the profits of his company. I think there is a good chance that they may still continue on.
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  1. If you want to stop the HuffPo censor bot from checking a word in your comments then use an underscore before the word. The bot ignores the next character(s) until a space is reached.

    The most common words checked are verbs of violence. E.g. _kill _murder etc

    If you want to leave comments while banned then install anonymiser software called "Tor". This lets you surf the web anonymously, you can even choose which country you want your comments to come from. Activists in China and other places use this software to avoid arrest and to access banned web sites.

  2. Exercising your freedom of speech at HuffPo.

    You do not need an email account to post comments at Huffpo, you only need a valid email address. So when you create an account you can give it someone else's email address, best is another automatic emailer, like the support email address for a large company, so when Huffpo sends it email it will just be ignored.

    You need FireFox & Tor

    1. Check Tor is running(bottom right Firefox).
    2. Go to the comment box in Huffpo.
    3. Choose logon with Huffpo account.
    4. When it asks select "Sign Up".
    5. Give it ANY username password email.
    6. Choose "Back to Article".
    7. Leave comment, leave another...
    8. If you get banned then go to Tor and select "New Identity".
    9. Restart Firefox.
    10. Repeat.

    If you do it right, make sure Tor is running AND open and close Firefox with no other web sites open, THEN not even law enforcement should be able to trace you. BUT you would be a fool to do so if you couldn't check yourself. As long as you don't break anything and just stick to words of protest then nobody is going to go to all the trouble finding you.

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  4. Against censorship ?? WTF ??

  5. Poor show to pick the stuff you liked deleted what you didn't.

    Your supposed to fight for the other persons right to say what you don't like as well, otherwise you're censoring ???

  6. Anonymous, I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't delete anything. The comment by Paul was Removed by the author not me, either that or there is a glitch in Blogger because I certainly didn't remove it. In fact I liked the comment so much I incorporated it into my other blog here:

  7. BTW, this blog isn't really meant for discussions. The purpose of this blog is just as an archive. Every comment I make on the Huffington Post that I think might get censored I copy here. For more on that see: You are free to comment and I won't remove them but a better place to discuss is this blog:

  8. Ok, sorry.

    Is your system automatic, I have code I used for a newspaper site still ?

  9. I made an updated, legally checked version here

  10. Paul, no problem. I can understand why you would be pissed. It would be pretty hypocritical for a free speech site to censor comments, and I thought yours was especially interesting. I'm sorry it got deleted. I'm truly not sure what happened. I've been doing a lot of editing so it is at least remotely possible that I accidentally deleted it but I don't think so. I never delete any comments. I did have an issue yesterday with the google blogger system marking some comments as Spam that weren't but I doubt that happened here. Anyway sorry again it happened.

    Yes, the blogger thing is automatic. That's why I like it although it does fill the blog up with lots of posts. In the past I used to just save to a text file before posting but that was a pain and also some times the most innofensive comments that I couldn't conceive would get censored did.

    I will check out your blog, we should definitely keep in touch. Feel free to email me at