Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stephen Hawking to God: Your Services Are No Longer Needed; God to Hawking: You So Don't Get Who I Am

"while [faith's] components may be reshaped by evidence it is a belief that transcends the evidence. " This the issue I have never understood. Why do we elevate belief without evidence to somehow be a good thing. If the history of the human race tells us anything its that humans are prone to believe things that aren't true but that in some way fit in with our preconceived prejudices. We do this even when we TRY to find the truth and reason based on evidence. So why in the world for what are arguabley the most important questions of all: does God exist?, what is the nature of morality?, what is the meaning of life? why in the world would we want to say on those questions its better to believe based on no evidence? Doing that will ensure that we believe whatever is comfortable, what we are taught by our parents and what helps us fit in with our society. To me finding the truth is more important than those things, even if it may be an uncomfortable truth and the only way to find the truth is via reason and evidence.
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