Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Katy Perry On SNL: Cleavage & An Elmo Shirt (VIDEO, PICTURES)

I agree with you there are a lot of awful things going on in this country. But I think saying we've lost our freedom because a pop singer got her spot cut from a children's show because her outfit was too provocative isn'tone of them. I saw the original clip and her outfit totally made me hot and if it totally made me hot I can see a reasonable argument that it might not be appropriate for a kids show.

And I'm sure at this point you think I'm some bible thumper but no. I'm an atheist hippy living in San Francisco and I've personally induldged in things that... well never mind that. But I've also raised a daughter who is now in college. I've spent many nights with her talking about, listening to her cry about, hearing about her friends who were on medication or hospitalized over body image. Girls in our culture are bombarded from the time they can speak with countless messages that tell them they are only worth while if they are concentration camp thin and sexualized. So as much as Ms. Perry makes me hot I can understand people wanting her to tone it down for a kids show.
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