Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hell And God's Love: An Alternative, Orthodox View

That's the difference between being a Captain as opposed to a theologian. There are debates of course and different approaches but ultimately there are objective ways to evaluate if someone is a good captain or....

There are no such evaluations for being a Christian. You say Jesus said X and its all perfectly clear to you. But The Family thinks its perfectly clear to them as well. And the Catholics in the inquisition who tortured heretics to death thought it was clear to them. Unlike being a captain there is no external thing we can check and say "can you steer a ship out of a harbor" because there is no objective definition. Its all based on a book written a long time ago and various peoples interpretation of that book. Saying "by their fruits you shall know them" is of no value because what that sentence means can be interpreted many different ways. To The Family it means that people who have wealth and power were selected by Jesus as indicated by their wealth and power and thus they can murder and torture with impugnity (The Family has supported dictators who do just that)

And as much as its obvious to you that all those Christians are wrong its just as obvious to them that you are wrong and none of you can do anything but point to the book and say "this sentence means X" you have no objective way to validate who is really correct.
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