Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nazi Book Reveals Detailed Plans For Invasion Of Britain

This article did not "state the obvious" at all. Nowhere in the article did it imply that the discovery of this plan was somehow a great revelation that informed us that Hitler was going to invade England. Of course we've known that for decades and we've known that the plan was called Sea Lion. This article didn't imply anything different. What the article said is that for the first time we have detailed plans for exactly where the invasion was going to take place. Which coastal towns, the plan to get to London, etc. For those of us interested in history I think that rates more than a "Next".

However, I do sincerely apologize for my initial comment. I am dense and had no idea you meant it as a joke. Perhaps in the future you could prevent further confusion by prefacing your witticisms with something like 'THIS IS A JOKE!" Either that or you could say something that is actually clever and funny.
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