Monday, September 13, 2010

What Is Shariah and Why Does It Matter?

I mostly agree but I think there is an important way that the Shariah law "issue" is different from all those other ones. Abortion, gay rights, and even Willie Horton were all real things. Women were getting abortions, gays were demanding (quite appropriately) more rights, and there was a guy named Willie Horton who got paroled and then committed more crimes. All those things had at least some basis in reality. The reaction and attention to them was completely out of proportion but at least there was some real issue there. With the Shariah law nonsense that isn't the case. There is absolutely no chance of Shariah law being implemented in the US. No serious sane person is advocating it. There isn't a single case where it has ever been or ever could be considered in the US. Yet people like Jimmy Boy are afraid of it. It shows how completely brain washed and fearful a segment of our population is. That the right wing propaganda machine can get them so fearful over such a complete non issue.
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