Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ahmadinejad: Egypt Shows Middle East Breaking Free Of 'American Interference'

First, I have to say I'm not really that knowledgab­le about the details of the various deals and counterdea­ls. But I do know that in the past whenever I look into the details of who agreed to what and who actually broke various deals the Israelis seem to come out as the ones who get the much better deals and then often don't stick to them. Or even if you just look at the way the Palestinia­ns live in Gaza and the West Bank its abysmal. Even basic things like getting clean water or trying to travel to a job can be a nightmare.

So I am more than convinced that the US should not "have Israel's back", although I wouldn't put it that way. I think sometimes there is a tinge of anti-semit­ism (not with your comment) in some of the criticism of Israel. I think its important to note that the vast majority of Israelis have nothing to gain from constant conflict with Palestinia­ns and the Arab/Musli­m world. And while there is a faction of hardliners in Israel there is also a real peace movement.

So for once I'm going to be the optimist (this happens apx. 3 times per year). I think this outbreak of democracy could be a good thing for the Israeli people, although a bad thing for the US/Israeli hard liners and those who see no solution but over whelming force.
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