Sunday, February 13, 2011

'Atlas Shrugged' Movie, Adaptation Of Ayn Rand Book, Has First Trailer Released (VIDEO)

Sorry but I don't think so. Rand's message was that its good to be selfish and to dominate others and at least she was consistent­. If you look at the way she lived her life she screwed many of her closest followers (literally and figurative­ly) http://www­.2think.or­g/02_2_she­.shtml

True "personal excellence­" means that you have some concept of your place as a small part in a larger whole. The truly brilliant people, such as Einstein, are also the most modest and self effacing and they want to do more than just collect as much fame and power as possible, they want to give back to society and posterity. Rand considers such impulses to be foolish.
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