Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kevin Smith: 'I Became A Stoner Because Of Seth Rogen'

"He was very up front about the fact that he took on the job primarily to finance his own movies."

If you say so. It doesn't take that much money to make a movie if you want to make an interestin­g, independen­t, character and plot driven movie like the first Clerks. I mean he made that one by maxing out his credit card.

With all the movies he's done I can't believe Smith didn't have enough banked to make several of those types of films, which I think would be the most interestin­g to see, if he wanted to. So assuming what he said is true it just means he wanted to make his own blockbuste­r type movies which I think is the problem.

I think if he stuck to arty low budget films like the first Clerks he could do amazing things. Instead he keeps trying to prove he is a real big shot Hollywood type director which I don't think he is and I don't think that's such a bad thing. Many of my favorite directors (Wells, Godard, Hal Hartley) were flops by big Hollywood standards.
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