Friday, February 18, 2011

Video Games: An Hour A Day Is Key To Success In Life

"The good news about games is that recent scientific research shows that all of these feelings and activities can trickle into our real lives. "

And what scientific research is this exactly? The author only references ONE scientific study in her paper, a journal article in the Journal of Adolescent Health. And that article says "time spent playing video games was associated with several negative outcomes, including heightened internaliz­ing and aggressive behavior and lowered prosocial behavior." True the article also says "However, co-playing video games with parents was associated with decreased levels of internaliz­ing and aggressive behaviors, "

So essentiall­y the only scientific study shows that video games are associated with "several negative outcomes" although those outcomes are lessened if children play the video games with their parents. (And how many parents in the real world play video games with their kids on a regular basis?)

That's it the one scientific study. Nothing that supports all the other claims in the article.
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