Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egypt Protests: Government Agrees To Major Demands In Talks On Sunday

Thanks. I agree to the extent Obama influenced Egypt it is indeed something we should be proud of. I also think the situation in Egypt is a good example of why we are so lucky right now to have a smart person who carefully considers all options (no drama) like Obama in the white house.

To be honest if I were president I'm not sure what I would do. I know what I think is the strictly moral thing to do. That would be to completely come out for the Egyptian people, stop all US aid to Egypt until Mubarak steps down and someone (not the current VP) creates an interim government and plans elections.

But the situation in Egypt is amazingly complex. What will Israel do? Also, what about countries like Saudi Arabia? They don't even PRETEND to have elections there and I'm sure the Saudi leaders are scared to death that their people are getting ideas based on Egypt. What about the flow and price of oil and how changes in that could have major ripple effects on the world economy? Its an amazingly complex situation. I'm glad that Obama is in charge and I shudder to think what might be happening under a hot head like McCain or a no brain like Palin.
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