Friday, February 18, 2011

Video Games: An Hour A Day Is Key To Success In Life

I think few if any critics of gaming would claim that you can never learn something from gaming, that the effect is completely detrimenta­l. But that's not what this author claims and that's not the issue.

The question isn't is it possible that sometimes you can learn from games, the question is does the vast amount of time the average American kid spends gaming help or hurt their developmen­t? On average do kids tend to learn more good things than bad from games?

The author is claiming that (contrary to the overwhelmi­ng consensus of previous scientific research) that "new research" shows that gaming is good for kids. However, the one and only actual scientific study she references in this article actually refutes her claim.

That article from the Journal of Adolescent Health says "time spent playing video games was associated with several negative outcomes, including heightened internaliz­­ing and aggressive behavior and lowered prosocial behavior." That is more or less the same conclusion that I've heard from every scientific study of gaming. The author claims there is new scientific data but she doesn't present any references or links to back that up.
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