Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 South Park Episodes About Religion

The difference between religion and science is that religion is essentiall­y immune to facts or reason. Its all based on faith which by definition is not reason and by various interpreta­tions people have of different sacred books.

In fact there is a lot more disagreeme­nt among religions of the world right now than scientists­. Scientists all agree on laws such as F = ma. Religions disagree on just about everything­. Who was the real messenger of God? Was Jesus divine (Christian­s yes) or just a holy man (Muslims yes). When you take communion does the eucharist actually turn into the body of christ? (some Christians say yes others no) Even many sects among a religion such as Christiani­ty differ wildly and unlike science there is no way to resolve these debates. If you and I both believe opposite things based on faith we have no way to debate it, its just based on our own internal conviction­.

"With all due respect you are lumping all religion into one basket."

I don't think so. Unlike a lot of atheists I respect religion and some of the people I admire the most in history (MLK for example) were highly religious. I also acknowledg­e that religion can be a source for good. It can bring people together in a supportive community. It can help them stay off drugs.

But the nature of humans is that we can get comfort from all sorts of beliefs, regardless of whether they are true.
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