Monday, February 14, 2011

The Top Mistakes Atheists Make

"1. Insisting that science can, or will, answer everything­. ... It is far better to simply say that we don't know everything­, and may in fact never know everything­."

But that is science. Its the essence of science to look at what we don't know and try to expand our knowledge. Its most religions that try to claim we must know everything­. They pick out some unsolved problem from evolution or physics and say "hah! you can't solve that can you! God did it!" Religions assume that God is the answer to questions science can't answer yet (and often ignore science and assume God is the answer anyway, e.g. Creationis­m).

I don't know of any scientist who has ever claimed "science can know everything­" Can you please cite one such scientist and give a reference or link?

"There will always be some mysteries out there. Just say: "Yeah -- it is quite a profound puzzle. No one knows the answer."

There are two possibliti­es to these profound mysteries. One is to say "God did it" and stop thinking, the other is to continue to try and solve the problem.
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