Monday, February 14, 2011

The Top Mistakes Atheists Make

"7. Arguing about morality in the abstract..­..And we can plainly see that the least religious countries and states are generally the most moral, peaceful, and humane, while the most religious countries and states are the most crime-ridd­en, corrupt, and socially troubled. End of discussion­. "

I'm not so sure that we can see that but I don't follow this argument at all. You think that the fact that " the least religious countries ...are generally the most moral... while the most religious countries ... are the most crime-ridd­en" is somehow an argument for religion?

Personally­, I think arguing about whether religious people or atheists are more or less moral is pointless. For one thing when you start talking about crimes committed in the name of religion or atheism both sides end up claiming that the criminals weren't REALLY religious/­atheists. I've actually had this argument with both sides online many times. Fellow atheists claim that Stalin wasn't REALLY an atheist and Christians claim that the church of the inquisitio­n wasn't really Christian.

IMO what matters is what facts and reason lead us to think is true. Its quite possible that believing false things might in the short term make people more moral but in the long term I think humans must seek the truth.
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