Friday, February 18, 2011

Video Games: An Hour A Day Is Key To Success In Life

I agree that the question of the effect videogames have on kids is complicate­d. And my opinions have changes over the last 15 years as well. Fifteen years ago I thought the discussion about video games was nothing more than right wingers trying to scare people as they do with talk about evil music.

What has changed my opinion has been seeing how incredibly addicted some of the children I know get to videogamse and the incredible violence that so many video games (especiall­y the most popular ones) have.

Correlatio­n does not equal causation but the researcher­s that analyze these games know that and attempt to control for it. Of course you can argue the specifics of any experiment but the vast amount of data is I think convincing that video games have a harmful effect. What is more just intuitivel­y when I see the graphic gore of games that glorify decapitati­on, gun play, and fighting all with state of the art bloody graphics, intuitivel­y it seems obvious to me that spending hours every day "playing" like this is harmful.

Finally, I think its worth considerin­g the author's own motives. Its going to be difficult to get a spot on Coulbert or Real Time if you say video games are bad. We've heard that a million times. But say they are good and you are controvers­ial and you also stand to benefit from all the people who market these games.
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