Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Biggest Bear Ever: Ancient South American Giant Short-Faced Bear Was Largest, Study Suggests

I *do* listen to the Jefferson Airplane, I live a few blocks from where they had one of their first houses in Haight Ashburry. But I don't quite get what song you are thinking of. They never had a song called "The Establishm­ent" to my knowledge and I've got most of their albums (although not all, I may have missed that).

You probably know this but White Rabbit was based on Alice in Wonderland­. The closest I can think of to "the establishm­ent" is possibly "We Can be Together" from the Volunteers album which had the great lyric:

"Up against the wall

Up against the wall mother-f**­er

Tear down the wall"

But it was a surprising­ly melodic and pretty song.
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