Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WSJ Spills iPad 2 Specs: Expect A Thinner, Lighter, Faster Tablet

Don't know anything about computers eh? Normally I don't descend into this bickering between Apple lovers and haters but I couldn't resist this.

I've got an MS in computer science, have published several papers in OOPSLA, AAAI, IEEE Expert, and various other conference­s not to mention white papers for the various companies I've worked for.

I've worked on Apple computers as well as Dell, Dec, IBM, TI, Xerox, Sun, HP, and oh yeah the best computer for developers ever invented in the history of the universe the Symbolics Lisp Machine. And I'm sure I'm leaving some out.

I think people who demonize any company are foolish. There are things to dislike about any company whether its IBM, Microsoft, or Apple. I've made a lot of money consulting for companies helping them use Microsoft technology­. If I were to start a small business today I would probably use MS from end to end. But for personal use I like Apple because my time is valuable and I'm willing to spend a few dollars more for something that is easy to use. Why people like you seem to be offended by that I can't for the life of me understand­.
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