Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black History Month 2011: 'Are Whites Entitled To Write Black History?' (VIDEO)

I'm not sure we are communicat­ing. I'm agreeing with you that its wrong to say only black people can write black history. So when you say:

"The person(s) who should engage in historical analysis are person(s) who are interested in a particular subject and show intellectu­­al ability. Regardless of the color of their skin or origin."

I agree. Perhaps my statement was awkwardly phrased because it was a double negative. I don't agree that white men can't write black history. I.e. I think it is possible that white men can write such history (or white women or anyone, gender and race have nothing to do with one's ability to be a scholar).

What I was disagreein­g with was the idea that the people who do think that "white men can't write black history." (the people I don't agree with) are saying what they say only due to economic reasons. I think its a lot more subtle. My point was that no one writes black history (at least not an honest version) to get rich. If all they were interested in was money they would write for The Cato Institute or the Hoover Foundation or FreedomCen­ Any person of color willing to bend the truth and just flat out lie to give people like MarkEdward their talking points has a great chance to become an instant celebrity and make lots more money than some scholar of black history struggling to get tenure.
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