Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Jeopardy!' Pits Man Against IBM Computer In Round 1

Maybe. But there is a better way to evaluate it. Let's say that adding recognitio­n of human player's wrong answers would take an extra 5% of developmen­t effort and an extra 5% hardware and software cost. I think both would be a lot more but for the sake of argument lets use those figures.

The question then becomes is it worth spending another 5% developmen­t cost and 5% HW/SW cost for this capability­? What does it really give you? The ability to rule out one out of several possible answers from the set of answers Watson generates. We can actually empiricall­y evaluate how useful that would be. The only time it would be useful would be in use cases where Watson gave the correct answer that a human player already gave. As I understand it that's happened once in several games. Its not worth the cost even if we accept that its relatively trivial to implement.
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