Thursday, February 10, 2011

WikiLeaks Brings Misguided Joy to Preachers of Oil's Peak

"this thinking for myself hurts something terrible!!­"

It probably would if you ever tried it.

First of all "leftists" don't all think the same. We do think for ourselves and hence we disagree.

Second, this author is not a leftist by my standards. Although I'm guessing for you anyone to the left of Palin qualifies as a leftist. This author is a commodity trader and a big capitalist and what he is advocating is something many "leftists" (like me) don't agree with.

Finally, although I don't agree with this author, even if I did what he is saying is not a condemnati­on of Wikileaks. Wikileaks doesn't give people opinions or claim to be the single repository of all truth. Its a source for documents that the public wouldn't see otherwise. Its perfectly reasonable to question how much in any document is actually true and how much just one person's or group's agenda.
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