Friday, February 4, 2011

Exploring the Middle Ground Between Science and Religion

"Even during the middle ages, the "god did it" mentality was all but extinct,"

Are you denying that Galileo had to recant his heliocentr­ic theory of the solar system on threat of death from the Church because it contradict­ed with their official view of how God ordered the cosmos? Are you saying that when Darwin proposed the theory of evolution in the 19th century (well after the middle ages) he wasn't vilified because he contradict­ed the "God did it" view of how humans came to be? Indeed, it seems to me Darwin is STILL vilified by many leaders in the US and elsewhere for that reason.

"As for Sam Harris, his book is a joke..."

Your comments on Harris are nothing but name calling not rational argument so there isn't much I can respond to. I will say that I actually don't agree with everything that Harris says (I wonder have you even read his book?) but my point wasn't to say that he was right or wrong but merely to show that serious scholars are proposing to use science on topics that have traditiona­lly been thought to be strictly the domain of religion.
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