Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is A Physician's Cyber-Assistant Next?

Its not really a hard problem at all:

1) End the tax breaks for billionair­es. Go back to taxing them at the level they were taxed under Bush senior or if you really want to end the deficit fast go to the tax rates of Reagan or Eisenhower­.

2) Stop all the ridiculous Pentagon spending. There are huge projects that most scientists don't believe in (Star Wars) and that the Pentagon doesn't even want (making an extra engine for each new plane?!?)

3) Stop being Team America World Police. Why exactly do we have bases in Germany? Or in so many places throughout the world? Rather then spending approximat­ely as much as THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED on "defense" spend, I don't know as much as HALF of the rest of the world combined.

Problem solved and money left over to invest in renewable energy and rebuilding our crumbling infrastruc­ture. .
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