Monday, February 28, 2011

iPad 2 Release Rumors: What Features Will The New iPad Have?

"a few extra's that really could have been included in the original but for the fact they wouldn't be able to get all those people who bought the first one to buy the newest one a year later."

I see people say things like this and it just makes me laugh. People who say this have obviously never been involved in a developmen­t project. You have deadlines and a process that requires testing, marketing, etc. You have to hold back on some features or you never make your deadline or you release an inferior product.

I've been involved in many software developmen­t projects to create commercial products. I have NEVER seen an example of someone saying "we could do this but lets hold back so we can get the suckers to buy the next release". On the contrary there is always immense pressure on the technical people from the marketing and sales teams to put in as much as possible on every release in order to beat the competitio­n.
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