Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt Military Leaders Dissolve Parliament, Suspend Constitution

I disagree that this would be best for the American government­. I think you are correct that this is certainly what Neocons want and even many democrats but while it would seem to be good (to them) in the short term in the long term it would almost certainly be disasterou­s.

If the military retains power that means a military dictatorsh­ip which means that all the democratic­, peaceful efforts that seem to be working now will be defeated. The only thing left will be armed resistance via terrorism and the only group that could do that would be Islamic extremists­. In the long term if a US backed military dictatorsh­ip wins although it may seem good for US power in the short term in the long term it will mean Egypt will eventually be another place where Anti-US Islamic extremism will flourish.
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