Thursday, February 10, 2011

WSJ Spills iPad 2 Specs: Expect A Thinner, Lighter, Faster Tablet

"Sounds like you are saying Apple has a problem creating apps that run well on multiple platforms"

I'm not saying that at all. Every software vendor (Apple, Microsoft, Oracle) has their preferred platforms. The preferred platforms are the ones they develop on first and have the most control over. When the iTunes team thinks they've found a bug in OSX they can walk down the hall and talk to the OSX team. When they think they've found a bug in Windows they have to contact Microsoft who won't exactly make it a top priority to fix iTunes related bugs.

"99.99% of my iPod,... experience­­s during the past 5 years has been bug free"

I don't dispute that. I don't know about the percentage­s, in general all software from Microsoft and Apple is well tested. its that last .1% or whatever we are talking about. I'm saying that in my experience bugs in Apple software such as iTunes running on MS platforms are much more likely just as bugs in Microsoft Software (e.g. MS Office) are much more likely on Apple platforms than on Windows.

"But I would say having bad experience­­s such as you say would be Apple's fault; not MS. "

Who is responsibl­e is a different matter and I think its on a case by case basis. Some times its Microsoft some times Apple, usually both to some degree. I don't have an axe to grind to denigrate or promote either one of them.
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