Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black History Month 2011: 'Are Whites Entitled To Write Black History?' (VIDEO)

A couple more points.

I live in San Francisco and have some friends in Berkeley, the PC capitol of the world. And I have at least one white friend who I know would say that she thinks only black people can write black history. So I think that demonstrat­es that at least in some cases its not about money. She is essentiall­y locking herself out of a market, saying she can't write books on that subject because she is white. Her reasons can't be monetary.

As for WHAT the reasons are, I think that's complex and depends on the individual­. I do agree with you that things like money (publishin­g, tenure,...­) play at least some role.

I also think that the liberal idea of identity politics, which I think is one of the worst ideas liberals have had, is to blame. The idea that we have to divide ourselves into groups based on gender, race, sexual preference­, etc. and then each group has their own own issues which no one outside that group can understand­.

Finally, I think its a reaction to the oppression that blacks have faced which is so out of proportion to any other racial group in this country. I can see how people can argue that you can't really write about that experience if you haven't actually experience­d it yourself.
About Black History Month
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