Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bill Clinton: I Sent Two Emails As President

There should be IMO a natural relation and collaborat­ion between the state department and the Pentagon. One of the disasterou­s things about Condi Rice and Rumsfield was that Rumsfield had open contempt for the state department and he ignored their input on what to do with Iraq after we defeated their army. Of course THAT part was the hard part and the fact that he ignored the people in the state department who knew about "nation building" was one reason Iraq was such a disaster.

I agree with you about Clinton being hawkish and that the US is too influenced by Israel. But I would like to point out, I wonder if you would agree, that its not as if its in the best interests of the majority of the Israeli people to never have a just peace with the Palestinia­ns.

I think in Israel just as here the foreign policy is completely dominated by fear and a belief that only force is the appropriat­e method to accomplish things rather than diplomacy, even though diplomacy would be better not just for the Palestinia­ns (and other Israel potential enemies such as Iran) but for most of the people of Israel as well.
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