Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Week's Hottest Reads: Publishers Weekly Bestsellers

I started by watching the first Swedish movie and then went to the books. As usual there is so much more depth in the books but I agree the movies were excellent as well.

When I first saw "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" (wish they had kept the original name btw, Men who Hate Women) I had a really hard time with the graphic rape scenes. I just find it hard to watch those kinds of scenes and find it hard to justify putting them in any fiction. But as I read the other books I realized how essential to establishi­ng Lisbeth's character (both as someone who is due to her circumstan­ces a victim and as someone who will never ask for help but will strike back ten times harder at whoever crosses her) and thought that they are essential to the story.

The other things I loved about the books was that I'm fairly computer literate and these are the only fiction works I know of that have realistic details about computer hacking.
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